Friday, February 29, 2008


Today, early morning I had a breakfast with the AKMC group. It’s kinda shock because I was not being informed of this sudden meeting and some more it was held a bit far from office.

Well, I know today going to be a strange occasion later at office but what it is I don’t know. Later I reached there, I had a Milo and others with their breakfast. Then it’s started.. .. .. “Today, it’s your day of decision, wisely choose and after that is no turning back”.. .. The soon so called Boss of AKMC asked all of us to confront this Pn. (owner of AKPH) to consult and deliver our problem that is salary.

Well then, my previous entry told that the staffs are having a salary problem. So today, all of us going to meet Pn and deliver that message and demand the answer right away. As so called Boss of AKMC said if the communication going to be bitter and not going any where and irritating, use your professional intellectual to overcome her.

I was sat there and thinking of what was the true message to see this Pn? What I can see this so called Boss of AKMC wanted all of us to head on from the way he told. Yalaaa, this so called Boss of AKMC knows this Pn better and know what she will replied to our question.

Right after met this so called Boss of AKMC, we had our own breakfast among us. I told them that this is not right at all. 1st, this issue should be raised with proper way and not by this approached. If we all delivered the message without raising any unsatisfied feeling and Pn are also the same then the discussion is successful. If not, then all of us going to be hang without a rope. Dahlaa this so called Boss of AKMC not yet secured the outsource funder and been delayed it week after week. So, both sides not confirming anything. If we kena with this Pn, then who going to pay our salary? .. .. the so called Boss of AKMC?

As myself then, some more worse. Baru kerja nak riot.. .. .. he he he street demo ka? So, what I did I clear myself where I am standing. I do not want to get in their picture as I am newly here. Anyway, most of them not are really happy to do this. They much more prefer to play safe and decided to not confront yet. This Pn and so called Boss of AKMC are not genuine when they promising something. I am much prefer to wait and see which is which.

Now, it’s already 29th Feb, tomorrow a new month to come. Still the problem is not moved. Hmmm, I am wondering, wondering and wondering. What will happen tomorrow then?

Monday, February 25, 2008

A New Self-Foundation

It has been almost more than a week I worked at my new place. As per my previous entry, yes I am admitting that the transactions happened before was so scary and yet terrifying. I have come crossed of double standard being exercising in this organization. Pity for the other workers that has to eat the shit made out of it. Kinda harsh words being used here. Well, I am expressing myself.

I am not trying to stand for their (pity workers) right, as I am a straight forward person, I am working for my salary and for my family. Pity of them that they have to suffer and yet I, who knows yet? Maybe I am later? Or maybe I am secured?.. .. Let me get this straight, how I got hooked up here because of my own approached. Yes, I have a strong connection related to the management. However, I hope it will not affect my credibility working here.

Later, I came to know so many unsatisfied truths.. .. Such as hmm, how to say in this entry.. .. Well, it is really confidential issues raised from few periods ago. My past experiences in office environment, PTGC, K.E.C, CDASB and recent is DESB, yes all have its own politicking agendas. This is my first time in my working experience facing a new stress office politic. For me, I am very simple, I do not want to involve and do not want to know about this.. .. I just play by the rules and following my boss. It's so easy for other people to misjudge me from that view.

Well, it is not like to happen as Prime Minister always say "Work with Me not Work for Me". That statement more like has its own self explanatory. Just don't judge the book by its cover. My actions here involving three parties, my good friend, AKMC and the owner of AK Groups. It is kind of hard before launching my strategies for the betterment of all parties. If ask my father about this, he will tell "Adam, Nko jgn pedulikan org lain, fikirkan diri nko tue dulu.. .. Nko ada banyak tanggungan, da da da da and bla bla bla.. .." Well, that's my father.

So, I am decided to follow to whom I belong. Those persons that I most respect in my life. Yes, they are my mentor, my guidance in my life.. ... and off course a blessing from my wife and my parent. Hope that my decision will change my life to better level.

We'll see how it goes.. .. .. ..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Recent Updates

New Office Environment & the Headache

Huh, I really was mumbling with my new job here. I have just started my job here at AK Pandak Holding Berhad as a Financial Executive. On the first day, well nothing much can be done on the early morning but then on the evening, things started to appear gradually became scary.

Today, (my 2nd day) I have to struggle to overcome the workload here. Well then, it is work then. No question to be asked then.


Hmm, my new class near to my apartment was made me to feel upset but not total upset. Well, what happened was, now I have 6 registered students with me and others just having it for free. I did inform to them that day to bring the fee, on the following week, they disappeared.

Hmm.. .. need to do one more round marketing then.

- End -

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Updates

It has been a long I am not updating my blog. Well then, I have been ignoring it for quite sometimes. Merajuklaa kiranya nie.. .. he he he. For sure you must weird when reading my blog some entries was deleted. Well, I purposely deleted it. For some reasons like my test, Master Yeow not really like his face come out in the internet, that day I kena half an hours on the phone scolded by him. And another one, Din mini tournament. .. that one accidentally deleted, laju sangat klik.. .. .. sorry Din.

Well, here are my updates :- Now, I have joined training under Master Yeow.. .. just recently joined.. .. Then I have opened few new classes, one at my apartment hall, numerous of students joined, another at Sg. Tua Hall, coming soon 2 more places. I am resigning from my job here at Taman Tun. I have received a good offer at Ulu Kelang. Quite near to my house.. .. not really near then only I will save up RM 60 for toll a month and parking fee also RM 60 a month.

Since I have backing off from my TKD club, I can feel that my future in TKD slowly becoming brighter than before. But then the feeling is more mutual. Hope I will receive a warm support from others TKD members. The plans are there, only time is my most enemy.

That day after trained with Master Yeow, as I aware it is just right after the MGTF meeting. Well, he did told me the intro but not the ending. Later I will ask him what happened just for my info only. About the PGTF, I absent for the AGM early Jan ago, so basically I missed out it too.

TTA Tournament is about to come, so, I am preparing my team to participate that tournament. One of my agendas this year is to support as many tournaments as I can. Right now, I have TTA marked in my diary other than the MGTF Instructor Course and National Tour. I will wait then for DTA tournament and others on the Northern side.

Other than that, about my Waja car (stolen), I have just received the investigation result form the police, later I will proceed it to insurance for further claim process. After a long been chasing this Sarjan, 4 months then at last I nailed him. The Bank already called me many times for that car installment, actually, it's really sickening fact that you have to pay the installment even your car has lost. Anyway, what the Bank really bothers? They just bother about their payment. I met the officer and I told her sincerely that I heart sick to pay the installment because my car is stolen. He he he, simply want to tell her. But then, I need to buy a new car then. Since I have gave this Saga car to my parent when I purchased this Waja. So, not nice for me laaaa.. .. .. My plan is either to buy the new Saga car or the Persona. Let’s time to decide it then.

So, I guessed until here my updates then. In case I missed again, I will slot in somewhere.