Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Next Merchandise to Purchase!

Nak ngidam DSLR, hmm, beriban dan beraban nak belinyer.. .. .. So aku target nak beli "Bridge" type punya camera. Pada asalnya aku kena aim Nikon DSLR D90 selepas kena persuaded dgn Kenneth dan Adi. Kira2 balik budget aku, he he he, mahal dol. Mengamuk wife aku kalau aku NAK SANGAT dslr tu, dan pasti dia mengamuk SANGAT kalau aku dah beli.
So, aku pun muhasabah diri kjp, takut aku addicted jadi mcm Kenneth, susah nanti.. .. .. so aku choose camera nie as my next aimed cameras, Panasonic FZ-28 dan Canon Powershot Pro SX1 IS.

Tpkan, bilenyer nak belinya?.. .. .. .. .. ..

Sip's Majlis Cukur Jambul

Al-hamdulillah!! Semuanya selamat dijalankan.. .. .. Aku risau jugak sebenarnya macam mana majlis aku nie nanti.. .. Biasanya aku yg handle majlis cukur jambul org lain, skrg nie turn aku pulak. Walau camana pun, kebanyakkan perkara mengikut kehendak aku dan wife aku, Cuma x dpt buat aqiqah jer.. .. insyaallah suatu hari nanti.

Majlis kali inie aku x banyak menyusahkan org lain seperti mak mertua aku, abg2 dan adik ipar aku. Seperti kenduri abg ipar aku yg lepas, semuanya masak sendiri, ponat bang nak handle time tue.. .. .. dan adaler segelintir yg x puas hati dalam pengaturcaraan majlis tue.. .. malaslah aku nak citer…. .. .. pendek kata apa yg lepas tue lepas, ambil pengajaran dan bila aku punya majlis nanti tak nak, aku ulangi sekali lg TAK NAK jd mcm tue. Syukur semuanya berjalan dengan baik.

Sedikit sedih aku sebab akak sulong x dpt hadir atas operation tumornyer dalam minggu tue. Akak sulong aku nie yg paling banyak support aku dalam life development till now. Nanti aku buat entry sekali dgn gambarnya (tumor) bila aku free. Citer banyak pun x dpt visualizekan, tungguuuuu uuu.. .. ..

Mak & ayah aku pun x dpt turun ke majlis aku, dua2 sakit. X leh nak kata aper.. .. .. Thanks to everyone for helping. “Terima kasih daun keladi, ada kenduri lagi, dijemput lagi.. .. .. “

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Courtesy from Kou Loong (The Star)

Stick to ideals of taekwondo

Let 's Hear It

I AM responding to the letter “No More punch in taekwondo” (StarEducation Dec 21), where a disgruntled parent had complained regarding the various taekwondo associations in Malaysia. Being an active practitioner and tutor of taekwondo for 32 years, I must explain that there are three main bodies regulating the practice of this martial arts worldwide, not to mention its many offshoots.

There is the International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF), the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and the Global Taekwon-do Federation (GTF).They practise distinct forms in terms of styles and have different priorities. For example ITF emphasises the traditional methods of Taekwondo, WTF the sports aspects, and GTF emphasises the self defence aspects of the art. These organisations in fact are branches of the same tree reaching out for the “abundant sunlight”.

The scenario is the same all over the world. Malaysia which has the ITFM, MTA, MGTF is not spared the scrimmage. The government is attempting a merger of sorts with the taekwondo organisations. It is trying to look into the best interest of all parties concerned in ensuring the optimal growth of the martial arts in Malaysia. In reality, getting all the organisations under one umbrella body, though ideal, would not be so easy to achieve since the current situation is dictated by the international status quo.
So let us not raise our hopes.

As for the acceptance and recognition by other schools or associations, I have students from WTF joining my classes without any loss of seniority. The techniques and fundamentals are the same. They will only need to put in the extra effort to learn some new patterns and movements.

That extra effort and knowledge gained will go towards making them more complete exponents of this ancient martial arts. So I do not feel that changing schools would be a problem, as long as we maintain the right attitude, remain humble and be willing to learn. My advice to the writer is to guide her children to practise until they excel in whatever taekwondo system they have been using. Her children must be told that becoming accomplished sportsmen should not be the ultimate goal, but excelling is.

The greatest obstacle and rival they will ever meet will be their own perceived limitations. Guide them to focus their youthful energy on learning and embodying the true spirit and ideals of the sport.

Capability, knowledge and supremacy in martial arts lie solely in the degree to which the individual exponent practices the techniques and fundamentals taught by whichever instructor or association. In fact the true essence of taekwondo lies in the core values of discipline, courtesy, humility and respect.