Monday, May 20, 2013


Salam hormat to all my frens here , bloggers .. ..

It's has been a while this blog being so domain, so quiet, looks alike nothing to upload or to share with.

Actually I do have it at most, to share with you all guys, but since we have the pinnacle of sharing things - Facebook. I do believe that now we are getting lesser to do blogging, we do all of our 24/7 jobs, yes to Facebooking but blogging getting less attention, what I've seen.

So, I am thinking to start over it again, I have nearly 19k page viewed up till now. It is such a loss to keep this blog sleeping after all I've spent or I shared into it, to everyone.

So let's get started!!

I have been putting on weight more than I imagined. Well, this is all due to no training for the past nearly 3 years ago. I have put my TKD activities on domain. Only one centre keep continuing their practice and most of my activities held over there.

I have been low thru out the years. Found out that it is not only me doing it, few others too, few others joining others 'F', few others joining others arts, few others laying low, few others just disappeared, few others just got promoted, few others nagged not being promoted, few others got cocky after get promoted, few other just enjoying watching all these happened.

Wow, so much for the few others. My advice, don't bother. To be honest, to see or to know of what have been a part of you is no longer genuine, it's hurts.

I'm watching the current flows - the madness of getting promoted. Some of them are just being ignorance, being selfish even the newly Masters too. Some has shown their true colors of what they are. Believe me nowadays I am being called my name by a few after they get promoted. Yeah, I do feel sad but I stand on my principal.

I can do my exam and get promoted but what are the benefit lies within the promotion? Respect? The black stripe? The gold stripe? Recognition? Reputation? Pride? I don't need that.

Many of youngsters or newbies just too amazed by themselves after getting promoted. Some are just too long forgotten of who they really are, ignoring the seniors, disrespect them and etc. Pity isn't it? I pity them actually, they do not earned it, they bought it. I'm sorry for being sarcastic, but truly I am.

After I had with my session with this one martial art, truly it has opened my eyes of what actually happening in my surrounding. A black belt is now meaningless to me, merely a piece of black cloth. Nothing more. Those only chase for name and glory or perhaps showing off but weak in the true perception.

Some has noticed this changes as I do know them, laying low behind the scenes, watching the culprit flying high, dark as a scarecrow, making too much noises and carcass as their ultimate satisfaction. But, on the other hands, until when you wanted to see these diorama continuing sarcasm the originality? At one time, I nearly pledged myself to get end with this. Let it be, I've done with it.

Watching my colleagues strives and continue their training despite knowing this epidemic made me goose-bumps. Truly, you have my respect sir! Just to let you know, I will make my return, but I'll make sure it's well worth it.

To be continued.. .. ..