Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Time for Malaysia to Re-Format

I feel hesitate about to produce this entry. I don’t like later on people will chop me buyers on this party or vice versa. Let me express myself about our election recently. All of us know that BN has greatly lost with the opposition that won 5 states.

I am really surprised to see this result. With BN influence, I have a feeling that they may conquer Kelantan but I was wrong. What I can say, what BN gave to people RM300 – RM500 to people to vote being used wisely to vote the opposition. I believe BN has miscalculated in their chess game.

Apart from that, the losses of Samy Veloo and yet the powerful Shahrizat was really shocked! About the Samy Veloo, well as I am predicted. It is my right to say this that he did not stand for his peoples and he deserve for it. But then about Shahrizat, it was really sickening especially for her to lose with a just freshie girl. One question that wondering in my mind that can Nurul Izzah deliver her jobs? To outdo what Shahrizat have done, it is a really hard task for her. Lembah Pantai is not an ordinary peoples who lives there. Those are intelligent peoples and if she did not perform, this will be the first and the last for her.

Not only the hard and heavy tasks dropped on Nurul Izzah, but to others that has defeated the big taiko. What made so ashamed is that a strong states like Pulau Pinang (Pak Lah born state), Perak, Kedah and Selangor being conquered by the opposition. I watched TV3 during that day, that time PROWARIS guy gave his opinion about the new appetite of election which that “votes to the people but not the party”. Well, this is not my 1st time hearing to this statement even my friends also did mention it to me.

My father called me that night and shouted happily since his place (Sri Andalas) has been won by the opposition and later on the whole Selangor! Well, about Klang area, it is time to opposition to take over. For so many years Klang which being called “Klang Bandar Diraja” is worse than meets the name. It is so ashamed that the city itself more likely to say being abandoned far behind from development. Take a look of its neighbour, Petaling Jaya that been awarded a Bandaraya status as Klang still struggling to no where. It is my right AGAIN to say that Khir Toyo deserved it so right.

I watched the news and read newspapers; well it is a big lesson to BN. I believe BN has over confident of its capabilities and now peoples had shown their power. Pulau Pinang, state of where our PM born also lost. He should feel ashamed out of it. Not only feel shame but as Tun Mahathir said, he should held full responsible of the party losses and he should stepping down. But that is what not happening here in Malaysia. For some reasons he insist wanted his position as I predicted.

So, we’ll see for all parties to deliver their manifestos in due time. It has been a great election for Malaysia and for Malaysia peoples!

One Step Closer

Few days ago I surfed through the MGTF website.. .. .. Well then, I am aware that Kulim tour will be held next week and following is TTA’s one. Dins did ask me whether I participating or not. Sorry to say that I have a grading on that day and a meeting after that. I wish really really hope to go to Kulim as I did hope on last year to follow Dins by his bus to Kulim. Well, it will not happen again for this year.

I am considering myself to participating the TTA tournament this end of month. Hmm, yalaaaa, #1, no traing at all, tummy getting buncit-er (he he he) #2 Need to get Master Yeow concern 1st. But I think Master Yeow won’t mind for me to taking part. After all, I didn’t attend his class for 3 weeks right after CNY. Been busy recently.

I guess I’ll be seeing my ex-club which is Dynamic TKD on that tournament. Well no prejudice.. .. the club has served me well and it was my stepping stone to get to this level. I am thank you for it.

Apart from there, I don’t get the opportunity to bring my student to TTA tournament. My class is just a born baby. I cannot expect too many out of it. Time will tell then. I am opening soon my new class at Keramat Jaya just nearby to Dins class (Kolej Multimedia Telekom). I am planned to do it on Saturday evening and still waiting for the approval. But what I heard that most to approve. Hopefully so laaaa.. .. .. ..

Right now, I am looking for a new challenge. As you know, I am taking Dins as my idol (Malaysian TKD Idol). What made me urge is to compete with Dins. Don’t misunderstood, I wanted to be like him. Honestly, it’s hard nut to crack… .. really! But gradually I must put in action.

Ok, that’s for now then.. .. ..


After a while from previous entry.. .. I have sick of this politicking at my office. It happened again of double standard exercises. Hmm, I am so pity for the staffs here, they just being paid only 1/3 from their salary. Off course what I can see that they are not satisfied at all. And from this so called new boss of AKMC, hmm he did not get that AKMC’s company so he did bought over a new company and still his funder problem has not resolve. Myself, still not yet receiving my salary either here nor to my previous company. Hope to receive my salary by this Tuesday as my ex-boss told. Pocket keeering maaa.. .. ..

Recently I went to a meeting with him so called new boss of AKMC to meet a potential funder. I was like a bidan terjun that time straight jump into his car and ramped away. I did not know at all that I am going to see a funder. Guess what? The funder said that this so called new boss of AKMC with his millionaire project was been approached by other parties and he is the 5th person. The funder some more said of what version you carrying this time? .. .. .. I was about to laugh that time.. .. tapi tahan jerlaaa.. .. The funder viewed the cash flow that was made by my Project Manager and you know what, I did not see that yet on my table. The cash flow was too good the funder said…. ..

What exactly the funder want is a commercial cash flow not a project cash flow and this so called new boss of AKMC keep pushing him of his tenancy to fund the project. OMG, I knew from very beginning the meeting will ended up no where.

Eventually, his (so called new boss of AKMC) agenda carry on.. .. .. promising a thousand sweet dreams that only happen in my dream. But then, life moves on.. .. For me, both parties are not genuine either this so called new boss of AKMC or the owner of AKPH (Pn.). Just wait and see what will happen then.. .. ..