Monday, April 14, 2008

TTA Tournament 2008

Hmm, what for me to express? The tournament was not so ease compared to the last year held. But with the help of Mr. Siva, he did manage the tournament from becoming in mess up. The used to be organizer migrated to Canada last minutes. So Master Yeow had to replaced Khaldun to be with the help of Mr. Siva.

I was being a judge during the tournament. My 1st event was “Under 18 Years Old Boys Pattern Color Belts”. I was a Chief Judge for that event. Surprising me to see how they performing their pattern. I do not want to batch up anyone but please I am sensitive to Pattern. Got one state I do not want to tell which, as their pattern is totally wrong. When come to kicking in Pattern, they are alike to bring their leg slow to the air and kick with no POWER at all. It is just like a ballet to me. Pattern must have : Fundamental, Power, Breathing, Sine Wave & Style. So, I can’t help much there as not so many judges aware about this ‘show off leg’. In fact, this was being an issue at MGTF forum.

During the 1st day, few incidents happened. Such like ligament tore out, dislocated shoulder, broken nose, and I saw someone ITF fellow with stripped on his face. This is all happened in free sparring event. Talking about sparring, hmm what I saw, so much different with my old time before. My time we was aimed for techniques and with etiquette when we sparred. Less of injuries and observers felt the excitement to see. Nowadays, they spar just like Saddam and Bush. Batching up each others like no other business, with the parents provoked outside the rings with the negative thoughts. Well, this is not like I used to have when been my time.

The 1st day itself I saw so many Chief Judge been questioned about his decision not to forget myself kena too. So where the Respect is goes? I heard at Ring 2 got a big issue but I do not know the whole scenario what had happen there. Then, came with buyers judges, sleeping judges, ‘sleeping’ referee, arghhhh, so many I heard with my own ears during the first day.

During the 2nd day, all event went smoothly. Wondering but I believe Mr. Siva have done his research on the 1st day. Congrat Mr. Siva. But end of the tournament, all students went back already ignoring the closing ceremony. Names called but didn’t shown up. Pity of Master Yeow on the stage. I do respect the ITF fellow (Vision TKD) still wait till the end of tournament and I am so embarrassed why we can’t do that.

I did a demo during the 1st day. That was funny and fun! Trust me, it was all set-up on the 1st day itself. Choreography was made most by Jee Onn. So, my brain was only 16MB of memory. But, the demo was OK performed.

Ok, come back to the tournament. The bottom line, I believe MGTF will have its seminar soon. So, I believe this is the time to standardize the whole things again. Or otherwise, future we will see of what we have seen.

I saw Mr. Din and had a few chat with him. His tournament will be held somewhere in July. I did express my intention of Unikop Mini tournament to him. Well, I am facing of short men power here. Maybe soon I will consult of his advise.

For those who do not know yet, the MGTF has published the forum. Interested to view and comment, please copy this link :

Anyway, I look forward for the MGTF seminar soon! See you there!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Moment of My Life

“First of all.. .. Congratulations!!”

Well, nothing can make me happier today. Even though not getting my pay cheque yet, but this is the happiest moment in my life.

Try guess.. .. any wild guess? .. .. .. I have been waiting for this moment for quite long time since the day one I have married and now (4 years of marriage), this moment I wrote this entry (8/4/2008, 3.10pm) such most wonderful thing happened. My wife is pregnant and it’s already 6 weeks. I’m going to be a father soon!!!!

The minutes I walked out from the doctor’s room, my fingers can’t stop ‘sms’ing all my relatives and close friends. This is the moment that I have been waiting for.

A new life already begun.. .. ..